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How to solve shrinkage porosity of stainless steel casting


In the process of producing stainless steel castings, the problem is that the castings have shrinkage porosity. In order to deal with this problem, many experts have studied it. Now Xingcheng precision casting has summarized the following points according to the treatment of shrinkage porosity defects of stainless steel castings

1. Change the orientation of the runner;

2. Reasonable process planning. The ingate is located at the relatively thin wall of the casting, and the runner is loose. To reach the place where the condensation liquid first enters the thin wall. For machine tool castings with uniform wall thickness, multiple internal sprues and air holes are selected. More runner, loose and uniform distribution, so that all heat balance. The outlet hole is thin and many, that is, the exhaust is smooth and has the heat dissipation effect;

3. In the thick part and hot spot of stainless steel casting structure, rapid solidification is carried out to form the fundamental balance of temperature field all over the casting artificially. Cold iron in the surface and inside, zircon sand, chromite ore sand or special coating with large heat storage capacity are selected.

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