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Some common methods and precautions of silica sol casting


The development of Silica Sol precision casting in China is relatively late. In the process of product manufacturing, it is necessary to strengthen the correct understanding of product processing technology in theory and practice, and continuously supplement its professional knowledge.

The silicon sol precision casting is rich in its project experience. In the process of application, all the precision casting manufacturing processes will be straightened out, and more powerful products can be produced. The foam model must be decomposed through liquefaction in the filling process, so that many small sub gas and foam ash will be formed.

This kind of composition is harmful to people to a certain extent. In daily work, the user must strictly follow the operation guide. Whether it is the specific operation or auxiliary preventive objects, it is necessary to carry out according to the requirements, and the operation methods must be flexibly used in the manufacturing process.

Silica Sol precision casting for a part of complex thin-walled castings, in the process of application, in order to effectively improve the permeability of the molding shell of the precision casting, if possible, vent holes can be set in the high place, so as to set up the gating system scientifically to avoid pouring air entrainment.

In the process of application of Silica Sol precision casting, the pouring temperature should be increased reasonably, the distance between pouring ladle nozzle and gate cup should be reduced as far as possible, and the pouring speed can be effectively reduced, so that the molten metal can be filled smoothly.

The shell of Silica Sol precision casting should be fully roasted with sufficient high temperature in the process of application, so as to ensure that the shell of precision casting is thoroughly baked. In this way, the gas composition of the product can be fully eliminated, and the fully roasted shell is white or light gray without black spots.

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