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Quality assurance plan for stainless steel castings


In the process of precision casting, stainless steel casting manufacturers must optimize and improve the mature and applicable precision casting instruments and equipment at present stage, strive to create multi-purpose, modular, automatic and intelligent, and conduct decentralized online measurement and control for all important links of precision casting production. The computer and CAD expert system modules are used to connect the automatic measurement and control instruments and equipment of important links with the actuator to realize the closed-loop automatic control of all important links.

The stainless steel casting manufacturer must connect the intelligent measurement and control system of each important link with the computer system of the plant management center to form an intelligent closed-loop automatic control system of the factory, so as to realize the prediction and control of production quality. The factory automatic control system is connected with industry information network and expert system through high-speed information channel to realize remote consultation and control.

Under the condition of market economy, we should thoroughly understand the concept, meaning, index evaluation system and specific value of casting product quality; study the characteristics, structure, compilation method of quality manual, composition and implementation method of system elements supporting standards of precision casting enterprises; in order to adapt to the trend of global economic and trade integration, we should accelerate the implementation and actively apply for quality (ISO9000) )Third party certification systems, such as ISO 14000, will speed up the use of international standards to gain the right to participate in market competition.

The stainless steel casting manufacturer should also go deep into the details of the business practice of the enterprise (Group), plan effective solutions, so that the governance system can be truly adjusted to the benchmark target of improving product (service) quality, preventing waste, improving efficiency and meeting customer requirements.

In addition, it is necessary to cooperate with and adapt to the development of advanced manufacturing technology, set up the standard of advanced casting technology and actively use the standard of advanced manufacturing technology. It is necessary to establish a quality assurance and environmental governance system based on laws, regulations and standards. Only in this way can the quality of casting products be strictly controlled.

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