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Factors affecting the precision of stainless steel castings


Under the guidance of this direction, Yuankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sticks to the bottom line and strictly checks. How is the stainless steel casting with such good product quality refined? Next, let's listen to the introduction of senior professionals of Yuankun mechanical casting!

1. Development of casting parts

Designers should first master the application needs and operating conditions of customers in many aspects. In the development, they should pay special attention to make the casting structure as simple as possible under the conditions of meeting the application needs. The wall thickness should be moderate and uniform, and the necessary demoulding gradient should be reserved. Otherwise, problems such as dents, sand holes, shrinkage cavity, under cast drawing marks, cracking and bending will be caused on the castings, and a large number of substandard steel castings will be produced.

2. Mold design, machining precision and die material use

Casting parts are cast by mould equipment, which is closely related to the quality of steel castings. Mold design is not scientific, no matter from the processing technology to implement what kind of countermeasures. There is no way to make the goods up to standard.

3. Shrinkage of casting raw materials

The shrinkage rate of casting raw materials is usually given in the form of general percentage or percentage with corresponding variation range. The general shrinkage rate of raw materials is usually used. If necessary, test mould equipment can also be made first. After getting the required data on the test mould equipment, we should focus on the development and production of the mould equipment for mass production.

4. Establishment and implementation of casting technology

The establishment and implementation of casting technology is closely related to the product quality of mold equipment and casting equipment, and the technological level of actual operation staff. The overall adjustment of casting process is the whole process of combining casting equipment, casting raw materials and mold equipment. If the processing technology and basic parameters are not carefully implemented, the casting parts will have shrinkage cavity, bending, under casting, and the specification is not up to standard.

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