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How to solve the problem of sand hole in precision stainless steel casting


Now in the production and processing industry, the demand for precision and quality of stainless steel castings is higher and higher. The near net shape technology of stainless steel castings is changing. Casting can only give the general aesthetic of the blank. Its significance is to reduce material consumption, energy consumption, labor consumption, and improve the internal and external quality of new products, so as to win the market reputation. However, the specification precision and surface roughness of stainless steel castings are difficult to adjust because of the interference and restraint of many environmental factors. The casting is formed by liquid casting, which has unique advantages to achieve near net shape. The inner wall and outer mold of castings are cast in the structural level At the same time, the retained initial casting surface helps to maintain the superior performance of corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of stainless steel castings, thus increasing the corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of stainless steel castings Add the service life of new products.

Therefore, it is impossible or difficult for stainless steel castings to be produced or processed in other ways. Therefore, a new precision molding technology must be found. Therefore, following the lost wax casting handed down by the ancients, through the improvement of materials and technology, the investment casting method has made important progress on the basis of ancient technology. Therefore, the progress of aerospace industry promotes the application of investment casting, and the continuous innovation and improvement of investment casting also create favorable conditions for the aerospace industry to comprehensively improve the characteristics.

In the casting industry of stainless steel castings, sand inclusion and sand holes are often encountered in the production and manufacturing process. How can this happen?

In addition to improper sand removal, if the machine has not been thoroughly cleaned before operation, or in the process of pouring stainless steel castings, because the pouring temperature is too high, molten iron washes the molding sand on the runner wall, sand inclusion and sand holes will also occur. At the beginning, because the demand for this aspect is not strict, it will not interfere with the application. Therefore, each manufacturer does not pay much attention to this situation. In order to improve the situation, some manufacturers usually choose to paint and paint. However, because this kind of link is more laborious and troublesome, it will still cause sand inclusion and sand holes in the casting parts The quality of casting parts is greatly reduced.

In order to deal with the sand inclusion and sand holes in the casting parts? Through continuous scientific research, it is known that if the special casting coating is selected to carry out the cleaning and maintenance of the inner wall, the situation of sand inclusion and sand hole can be greatly reduced, and it is of great significance to increase the yield of castings.

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